The benefits of selling OOH online

Benefits of Selling OOH online open shop sign

Whether you sell Classic or Digital, 96s or 6 sheets, roadside or inside. One goal remains the same for all Out of Home media owners – to sell more space. While conference conversations are distracted by the promise of omni-channel budgets, direct sales teams are back at home base fuelling the machine with local advertisers and brands. So it makes sense to support them with the best tools for the job. And there’s one that amplifies their work better than most: an online store or ecommerce for Out of Home.


Why sell your Out of Home inventory online?

In almost every other industry, ecommerce has been powering an online revolution. Online shopping allows customers to browse and purchase on their own terms: at any time, from anywhere, in any language or currency they choose. And they’re loving it. According to research from ecommerce giant, Shopify, online sales saw 18% growth last year. The UK boasts the most advanced ecommerce market in Europe totalling £688.4bn in 2018 with £165.3bn of those sales in B2B sectors. A sharp increase on the previous year with the trend expected to continue.

Of course, these are pre-Covid-19 figures, with experts suggesting that the current crisis will initiate an even greater shift towards contactless online purchasing. 

So while selling Out of Home is a little different to selling, say, T-shirts, armed with the right tools, there’s never been a more pertinent time to set up a web store and sell your inventory online. Because lockdown or no lockdown, doing so opens up new buying channels and clear benefits for both buyer and seller.


The benefits of ecommerce for Out of Home

Running an online store parallel to your sales team brings with it a whole host of benefits and by using a pre-built solution, these benefits can be realised very quickly. 


Offer self-service online sales

Capture long-tail advertisers efficiently and cost effectively. Let them serve themselves from campaign planning and booking through to payment, invoicing and artwork upload.


Break down geographical boundaries

Enable 24 hour planning and purchasing in different languages, time zones and currencies.


Live, cloud-hosted availability and booking

Create a modern and seamlessly connected ecommerce experience with live availability, instant booking and payment via Credit Card or to an account. Then, allow advertisers to upload their own artwork and keep them on time without tying up your sales team using automated email messaging.


Monitor trends and capture leads

Use the in built analytics dashboard to analyse trends, on-site behaviour and identify opportunities for growth. Then capture detailed lead information for your sales team to follow-up and close. 


Pre-built by us, looks like you

There’s never been a better time to power up your direct sales team by selling your inventory online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As the effect of Covid-19 continues to shape our behaviour and push more of us online, we’re here to help Media Owners get in on the action. Discover more about Console, our white-label ecommerce solution that is directly connected to your website with your logo front and centre. When you’re ready, book your free demo to really understand the power of selling your Out of Home inventory, online.