100% for media owners
Technology owned and controlled by you
An integrated suite of tools and features to choose from

Complete reliability

Tried and tested technology that the world’s biggest media owners rely on to optimize and deliver millions of ad campaigns daily.

100% secure

Take advantage of a platform that is cloud-hosted on the most secure and trusted web services platforms in the world. Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure compatible.

Infinitely scalable

A containerized platform based in Kubernites that dynamically scales to meet your growing demand meaning you can infinitely scale your business and volume of transactions.

Fast as light

Powerful real-time computing makes the millions of calculations a second needed to keep your business ticking.

API first

For seamless integration into your existing workflows. Connect with your internal or external systems like CRMs, accounting and reporting software or data sources through Rest APIs, data streaming APIs and Webhook events.

Flexibility by design

State of the art infrastructure built using Domain-Driven Design and CQRS to ensure reliable traffic processing while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to your unique set-up.

Intuitive interface

An easy-to-use web based interface design makes the complex simple to use

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