Optimization is about revenue generation – The Core

Power up your CMS with data, add your rules and let machine learning decide, in real-time, where to run each ad for optimized yield, revenue and ad effectiveness.


Bring your own first-party data

Import any first-party data source – mobile, point of sale, traffic, weather, you name it. The Optimization Engine will mix them together to create performance indexes.

Make data-driven decisions in real time

With your rules and first-party data in place, the platform’s industry-leading machine learning will automatically decide which individual ad to place where.

Intelligent pricing calculation

Automatically calculate pricing based on CPM, seasonality and any other factors you choose.

Sell more by selling smart

With the power of data-driven decision making behind you, the system will intelligently schedule, and automatically reschedule campaigns to capture every opportunity to maximize yield, revenue and space.


– Controlled by the first-party data and rules you define 
– Market-leading machine learning technology
– All optimisation features come pre-built into the LDSK CMS and are ready to ‘switch on’ when you are

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