Media owners Alight Media, iQOOH, Limited Space, London Lites, Mall Media, Pixology, Smart Outdoor and more, choose LDSK to optimise their campaigns

LDSK’s powerful AI-driven Optimisation Engine is revolutionising the way top OOH media owners deliver audience-led campaigns for advertisers.


Media Owners Alight Media, iQOOH, Limited Space, London Lites, Mall Media, Pixology, Smart Outdoor have all added the LDSK platform to their OOH workflows. Through it, these media owners are now able to plan sophisticated, audience-based campaigns and deliver them from booking to screen. With the ability to fit any type of campaign, large or small, into their scheduling using automated granular planning, they can accommodate any way an advertiser wants to buy before delivering the campaign to screen using LDSK’s in-built CMS and Player.


As a completely agnostic platform, LDSK’s AI-driven intelligence has been seamlessly integrated into these Media Owners’ workflows, allowing them to accept and fully optimise different types of campaigns in real-time – whether manual, automated or programmatic – for increased revenue, yield and use of space. 


This intelligent optimisation is powered by LDSK’s unique algorithms and live connections to data providers such as Advertima, Quividi, Data Jam and Admobilize, as well as industry measurement data in the UK, Europe and the US. A continuous stream of First and Third-party data influences scheduling decisions and adapts audience-led campaigns based on what’s important to advertisers.


Using the LDSK platform is also making it easier for these Media Owners to reap the rewards available through programmatic and automated trading, alongside their manual bookings, without opportunity cost. The LDSK platform’s intelligence allows them to bring multiple SSPs into one system, integrating with Hivestack, Vistar Media, Place Exchange, Moving Walls, My Ad Booker and or any other SSP. Its Open Direct connectivity also allows media owners to choose to connect to Posterscope, Talon and Kinetic for direct buying. The LDSK platform ensures simplicity and control over commercial decisions.