LDSK platform connects Media Owners with data-driven audiences from Advertima, Admobilize, Data Jam and Quividi

Target in LDSK Bright Blue

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. Thanks to live connections with the industry’s top data providers, Media Owners using the LDSK platform now have the power to deliver hyper-targeted audiences that offer meaningful value for advertisers. 

Working together, LDSK and data providers Advertima, Admobilize, Data Jam and Quividi have pre-built connections that enable a real-time feed of data for anyone using the LDSK platform. Live connections mean Media Owners not only have access to the unique data of these providers, but thanks to the LDSK platform’s AI intelligence, it is received in an actionable way. A way that transforms your inventory from commodities into sophisticated, audience-led solutions.

The LDSK platform allows Media Owners to take the guesswork out of audience-led planning. By integrating data into LDSK’s AI-powered Optimisation Engine, such as vehicle statistics from Quivid, or footfalls from Data Jam, Media Owners can reflect the granular differences between screens at different times across the day. With certainty around a campaign’s actual audience, Media Owners can charge higher prices per CPM, which advertisers will be only too happy to pay. 


Admobilize tech integration


Furthermore, the LDSK platform incorporates data-based predictions in near real-time. Combined with the platform’s ability to automate planning and continuously adapt campaign schedules right up until the moment of play, Media Owners can further enhance the accuracy of their audiences.

For example, a connection with Admobilize’s advanced crowd analysis cameras could tell your LDSK platform that right now a unique event has caused the usual demographic in front of a screen to change. LDSK would automatically adjust your campaign schedule to deliver the right ad for this new audience, with Admobilize delivering the reporting to prove it. As a holistic system, LDSK can achieve this across your full network, using AI to continuously balance potential revenue, yield and use of space. All without you needing to lift a finger. 



“With the ability to integrate with any data provider globally, Media Owners using the LDSK platform can give their business the edge through audience-led planning in a way that is powerful yet simple to do.” Andy Hamblin, Chief Commercial Officer, LDSK.

Using LDSK to apply data in this way, you’ll account for the true value of your inventory, and make audience-led campaigns work as well for you, as they do for advertisers and buyers.

For more information about the LDSK platform’s full capabilities, get in touch.