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The Retail CMS That Makes Your Store Data Work for You

Our flexible platform seamlessly integrates with your existing technologies, transforming your POS data and loyalty program insights into targeted scheduling decisions. LDSK’s optimised scheduling delivers the right content at the perfect time, maximising shopper engagement and boosting your bottom line. LDSK elevates your in-store experience, allowing you to adapt to changing customer needs and market trends.

Monetise Your Retail Media Network: Unlock New Revenue.

Unlock the revenue potential of your valuable in-store space by incorporating a diverse range of advertising into your media mix, including both endemic and non-endemic options. LDSK gives you complete control over ad placements, seamlessly integrating them with your existing content commitments. Target your ads based on unique insights into your shopper behaviour, maximising their impact and generating additional revenue.

Create Your Ideal Retail Media Mix – Total Control, Maximum Impact

Unlock the full potential of your digital screens. Traditional CMS solutions force retailers into rigid schedules, limiting their ability to adapt to changing needs and priorities. LDSK empowers you to optimise your media mix with precision. Effortlessly allocate screen time between in-store promotions, shopper marketing, and revenue-generating advertising. Adjust your strategy on demand to maximise sales uplift, engagement, and bottom-line growth.

LDSK integrates seamlessly with your
existing ecosystem.

You can pick and choose the solutions you need now and bolt more into your tech stack on your terms.

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Jumbo, First Impressions, & LDSK: A Partnership for In-Store Innovation

Take your performance marketing to the next level with LDSK.  We help you drive data-driven campaigns that boost basket size, increase ROI, and deliver measurable results.

See Proven Success in Action:

Delve into how Jumbo transformed their in-store experience with LDSK with localised campaigns, targeted messaging and optimised content mix. Get inspired: Explore the full case study.

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Unlock the Potential of Your Retail Media Network

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