For ambitious retailers looking to monetize their screens and boost their sales through intelligent, data-driven in store advertising.

Influence in-store behaviour

Put your sales data to work. Deliver the right ad, to the right customer at the right time to realize additional in-store advertising sales.

Enable better targeting

Get an overview of product performance on a per minute basis and develop your cross-sell and up-sell strategy.

Serve to every player from one place

React and automatically adjust your on screen advertising schedules in real-time to improve your expected return on investment.

Measure in-store advertising performance

Track and assess effectively the outcomes of your POS and in-store advertising strategies in each of your retail outlets.


– Integrate real-time POS data, sales predictions or time and date rules once. Then let LDSK’s intelligent Optimization automatically promote the right product at exactly the right time.

– Dynamically manage one screen or a complex network with the ability to run different content on different screens according to your store’s departments.


– Monitor each player’s status in real-time with full proof-of-play and performance reporting allowing you to optimize your strategy based on the results.

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