Part one for sales teams

You’ll want to get familiar with your new software so that you are able to confidently answer and action questions from your clients. Run through this list to get a handle on some of the basics of using the platform. Setting up an account via the login page is easy for your clients to do. But, […]

Part two for sales teams

Once you have mastered the basics you’ll need to help your clients use the platform. It is time to learn how to action some of the most common questions you’ll be asked. Here’s how to easily generate a list of all in progress, optioned or completed bookings. How to confirm a client’s booking request. Or how […]

For production teams

Your new platform will help you easily manage artwork and production. Here are some of the most common functions you’ll need to get started. You can view the status of all campaigns under your Printer Dashboard which you can find here (NB: you may not be able to see the campaign until the artwork has been approved). […]

For finance teams

There are a few functions that finance teams will need to know how to perform, including: When a client requests a booking you will need to authorise finance if they have paid via Bank Transfer. Finance is automatically approved when a client books using card payment. We use Stripe to process payments and accept the major credit […]

Who is a Client?

When we refer to a ‘Client’ we are talking about an advertiser. Clients or advertisers do not have access to the ‘Management Dashboard’. You can identify which functions can be completed by Clients, Admin Users or restricted to Power Users, through the green box at the bottom of each article in this Knowledge Base. The ‘Helping […]

Who is an Admin User

When we talk about an Admin User, we are referring to the team members in your organisation or those external companies you work with, such as printers. Admin Users have access to the ‘Management Dashboard’ in their account drop-down menu and can perform functions such as changing panel information or managing client settings. Depending on […]

Who is a Power User?

A Power User is like the hulk, but less green. Head here to learn about Iron Man, I mean Admin Users.