Smart automated scheduling –

Say goodbye to hours of manual scheduling with a fully flexible, dynamic Content Management System (CMS) that grows with you. Supercharge your team with the tools to work faster now. Then ensure future complex campaigns work as well for you as they do for advertisers.

Flexible Content Management System for DOOH media owners

Everything you expect from a CMS

An intuitive, cloud-based interface with user role management that makes simple work of DOOH scheduling based on any campaign goal including time, plays, impressions or audience. 


Real-time availability you can rely on with full support for dynamic content scheduled according to first and third party data feeds, external triggers, RSS or visual analytics. 


An extensive Creative Management and media library functionality with support for most file types including: video (WMV, MOV, AVI, MP4), images (JPEG, BMP, TIFF) and audio, HTML5 and video streams.


Extensive monitoring and reporting functionality with real-time proof of play and reporting APIs.


A resilient, robust system you can rely on with fall back protocols and scalable infrastructure that can grow with your business.

But so much more too

Smart automated scheduling lets you set goals based on what your advertisers really want – audience, plays, impressions, cost, share of time – then the system automatically schedules, and constantly reschedules campaigns in real time, to meet these specific outcomes. Nothing more, nothing less.


Flexible Content Management means you say goodbye to endless manual playlists. Maximise your saleable space with the ability to automatically mix every booking type. From traditional ‘always on’ campaigns through to flexible audience buys, automated and programmatic bookings.


Take centralised remote control to serve ads to all your different player types from one place without the need to physically switch software. 


Treat the Content Management Systen (CMS) as your own, completely agnostic SSP with prebuilt connections to major agency buyers, Supply Side Platforms and Demand Side Platforms. 

Tell us what you need and we’ll get it done together