Exterion Media The Netherlands

Exterion Media Netherlands optimises audience-based buying with technology partner, LDSK

Exterion Media Netherlands

Exterion Media Netherlands, the market-leading Out-of-Home provider reaching 70% of the Dutch population every week, has extended their sales capabilities with the addition of optimised and flexible, audience-based planning, powered by technology partner, LiveDOOH Signkick (LDSK).

Supported by LDSK’s intelligent automation platform, Exterion Media’s sales team has complete flexibility in their inventory and content management. This means Exterion Media can ‘say yes’ to every type of Digital Out-of-Home booking, from every type of buyer – running audience, time or data-driven campaigns alongside traditional loop-based bookings. Using LDSK’s in-built intelligence, they optimise campaign scheduling and automated delivery to screens, generating maximum yield from every second on every screen, in real-time.

“Our priority is to ensure the best use of our Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) networks. For us, this means delivering what our customers want – flexible, data-driven campaigns with a sales model focussed on audience value rather than what space you can buy for a certain price. The level of granular planning this takes has made it previously impossible for one screen let alone our network of over 2,500. The LDSK platform has helped us solve this problem at scale. It’s become a key tool for our sales teams, its intelligence and full SalesForce integration gives me confidence that no opportunity is left on the table. As a result, audience-based buying now works as well for us as it does for our buyers and advertisers.” Jeremy Noya, Exterion Media.

In order to fully optimise their network, Exterion Media receives every type of booking – traditional guaranteed, automated and programmatic – into their LDSK-powered platform. First and third party data is then used to create granular audience segments. The platform’s in-built intelligence combines this data with rules and goals set by the campaign planners to make live decisions about where and when to place ads for maximum yield and use of space. Optimising thousands of campaign variables, the LDSK platform delivers the right individual ad, to the right individual screen in every second that a screen is on. All automated, all in real-time. 

The power of this intelligence includes real-time ad serving into multiple player types, including all the major players and LDSK’s own player, right up until the moment of play. This allows Exterion Media to continually optimise their networks in a unified way and ensures accurate campaign delivery, every time. 

The result is smart, automated scheduling that Exterion Media can rely on to deliver innovative, audience-led campaigns across their 2,500+ strong network of malls, petrol stations, highway spectaculars and major city locations. Importantly, it does this without creating an unmanageable stream of campaign scheduling and rescheduling for the sales team. From every perspective, it’s a win-win.

“Exterion Media are pushing the capabilities of DOOH towards real audience value with a level of optimisation that makes it very profitable for them as a media owner. We’ve worked together to make this a fully integrated solution including a complete Salesforce connection and dynamic price calculations to improve consistency and yield. This makes it a reliable and scalable part of the way they do business and it’s rewarding to see how quickly it’s been embraced by their teams. When it comes to the future of Out-of-Home trading, Exterion Media is, well and truly, open for every type of business.” Keni Bernardin, Chief Executive Officer, LiveDOOH Signkick.

For more information about using LDSK’s platform to optimise audience-based buying get in touch with Andy Hamblin, Chief Revenue Officer, LiveDOOH Signkick.

Admobilize and LiveDOOH Signkick

AdMobilize & LiveDOOH Signkick launch a powerful automated feature for programmatic DOOH

Admobilize and LiveDOOH SignkickAdMobilize, the world’s number one audience intelligence company and LiveDOOH Signkick, Out-of-Home’s most advanced media owner platform have today released a new integration that signals a significant next step towards a fully automated future for DOOH.

Using AdMobilize’s AI-driven platform, media owners are able to capture pedestrian or vehicle analytics to inform accurate audiences for their inventory. In the world-first integration released today, this first-party data can now be automatically integrated into the LiveDOOH Signkick platform, without the need for manual intervention. Here, it helps media owners to understand their audiences, price their products accurately and adds the layer of audience data necessary to execute automated and programmatic transactions. In short, it enables a whole new level of sophisticated trading, work that would normally require hours of manual planning and resources, to be completed automatically.

Rodolfo Saccoman, CEO & Founder of AdMobilize comments: “This feature will help our clients to unlock programmatic revenue and help the entire industry to progress further. A media owner’s ability to target, quote/book and report back on campaigns using real data and in real-time, completely automatically, empowers them to become an essential part of a brand’s omnichannel strategy. Despite there being many examples of programmatic campaigns that have been carried out in the industry, our own included, they have mostly required manual intervention. But this integration brings us all to a new level. The future of DOOH.”

More specifically, this seamless, automated integration between AdMobilize and LiveDOOH Signkick is used for automating two things:

Firstly, based on past observations, statistical predictions regarding expected audience attendance are automatically extrapolated for the next few weeks. This data informs detailed planning and scheduling of targeted campaigns, optimizing the efficiency of the advertiser’s message, reducing waste and therefore loss of opportunity, and allowing media owners to better monetize available air time.

Second, accurate, real-time audience data is automatically coupled with detailed proof-of-play counts, showing the audience that viewed individual ads, and allowing to measure the overall performance of campaigns and creatives. This allows media owners to offer accurate and transparent reports about campaign delivery with virtually no additional effort.

Keni Bernardin, CEO and Founder of LiveDOOH Signkick comments: “This unique combination of capabilities not only allows for more flexible sales and increased yields in the classical sense, but it also offers a powerful tool to media owners seeking to enable or boost programmatic sales. Both the audience-based planning and booking, as well as the transparent reporting based on accurate data are important components to achieve this, and these can now be offered as part of a fully-integrated, highly efficient package.”

AdMobilize and LiveDOOH Signkick’s mutual clients will be the first to access this world-first integration. If you are interested in being part of this you can reach out to AdMobilize at sales@admobilize.com or LiveDOOH Signkick at info@ldsk.io.

LiveDOOH Signkick Merger

LiveDOOH and Signkick merge to offer the number one media owner platform in the world

LiveDOOH Signkick

In an exciting merger announced today, two of the Out-of-Home industry’s most innovative technology companies, Signkick and LiveDOOH, are set to combine their products, expertise and passion for Out-of-Home to become one powerhouse company with a global presence.

Sharing a vision for a more open, automated, smart and connected era of digital Out-of-Home, individually, the two companies have built products and partner connections coveted by the industry – evidenced by the long list of media owners already on board. Their products and media-world expertise complement each other perfectly and, together, offer the best media owner platform in the world.

The benefits? Efficiency, control, transparency and most importantly, increased profits for media owners. A world where flexible data-driven campaigns work as well for sellers as they do for buyers and advertisers.

“In bringing Signkick and LiveDOOH together we are able to offer an end-to-end service for all your customer needs. We enable and mix all booking types from traditional ‘always-on’ campaigns through to flexible audience buys, as well as automated and programmatic bookings. All of which are optimised to generate maximum revenue and then seamlessly published to screens without the need to create endless playlists. In short, we make what is currently complex and time consuming, fast and manageable at scale.” Keni Bernardin, Chief Executive Officer, LiveDOOH Signkick.

Both LiveDOOH and Signkick have always operated as a technology partner for media owners, rather than a middleman. An approach that will continue under the merger. Commercial control is left in the hands of the media owner, with the ability to set rules before they switch on any of the pre-built buyer connections. This list of connections already includes Dentsu Aegis/Posterscope’s ECOS and ECOS NOW, Talon’s Plato and Atlas, Group M’s iDooh, Kinetic’s Aureus, The Neuron, Dax, TPS Engage and Lemma.

The pair’s impressive list of customers includes international media owners and challenger brands who are making waves with their approach to digital innovation: Clear Channel, Global Outdoor, JCDecaux, Alight Media, Ocean Outdoor, City Outdoor, ACMS, Smart Outdoor, Limited Space, Admedia and Open Media, with more to be announced soon.

In coming together, they’ve created a powerful, modular suite of tools that put media owners in control of their DOOH networks from end-to-end, including:

  • Connection to automated (OpenDirect) buyers.
  • Programmatic (OpenRTB) through a dedicated SSP.
  • White-label e-commerce platform for direct sales.
  • AI-driven yield and optimisation engine to prioritise and deliver DOOH campaigns.
  • Dynamic content management system (CMS) to enable simple scheduling of both complex and traditional campaigns with robust delivery and automated re-scheduling.
  • Centralised ad serving for delivery to multiple player types.

“Bringing two of the industry’s best technology and media teams together brings an exciting step-change in what we can deliver for our customers. Together, we have double the talent, skills and knowledge to make our vision happen.” Tobias van Amstel, Chief Commercial Officer and Finance, LiveDOOH Signkick.

In addition to their product suite, the two companies will merge their talent and connections. Combining real media-world experience from both sides of D/OOH, online advertising, high-growth start-ups and a talented team of automation and AI engineers, they’ve got the best people on board to deliver their ambitions. With a plan to roll their product out in every market across the globe, it’s all hands on deck.

For more information about the merger or our new suite of modular tools for media owners, get in touch.