LDSK platform connects Media Owners with data-driven audiences from Advertima, Admobilize, Data Jam and Quividi

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LDSK and data providers Advertima, Admobilize, Data Jam and Quividi have pre-built connections that enable a real-time feed of data for anyone using the LDSK platform. Live connections mean Media Owners not only have access to the unique data of these providers, but thanks to the LDSK platform’s AI intelligence, it is received in an actionable way. A way that transforms your inventory from commodities into sophisticated, audience-led solutions.

Optimizing Out-of-Home

Kerching! Optimization in OOH is about revenue generation

Optimization is about real-time scheduling and dynamic rescheduling of every type of OOH booking to ensure maximum revenue, yield and use of space on every screen a media owner has to sell. At its core, Optimization is about revenue generation.

What is an SSP and a DSP in OOH?

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As automated and programmatic OOH matures, we’re seeing the emergence of a fully-fledged real-time system that runs alongside a pre-bought marketplace. These developments are, in part, thanks to the tools and expertise needed to make it all happen. On the sell side, this technology is called a Supply Side Platform or SSP. On the buy side, simply, a Demand Side Platform or DSP.

5 tried, tested and almost free strategies for marketing an online store for OOH

Amplifying your direct sales team with ecommerce for OOH comes with a host of benefits and is a great way to drive extra revenue for your Out-of-Home business. By making your inventory available to buy online you’ll capture long tail advertisers efficiently, and allow them to purchase from anywhere, at any time and in any […]

What is OpenDirect?

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Understand the IAB and Outsmart’s release of OpenDirect 1.5.1 and what it means for Out of Home media owners.

The benefits of selling OOH online

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Running an online storefront for your OOH inventory, in parallel to your sales team brings with it a whole host of benefits. When you choose an off-the-shelf, pre-built product like Console, those benefits can be realised very quickly.

What is an API in OOH?


What is an API? What do we use it for in Digital Out-of-Home? We offload the jargon and help you understand as much as you’ll need to know about APIs. And how we can use them to sell more advertising space.