Beyond Billboards: Revolutionise Your OOH Network with Smart Optimisation

Revolutionise Your OOH Network with Smart Optimisation

Tired of watching valuable OOH ad space go unsold? Frustrated with the endless manual effort required to schedule and manage campaigns? Your OOH network is capable of so much more.

In the world of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), complexity is the new normal. Audience-led buying, programmatic campaigns, SSP and DSP bidding have opened up exciting opportunities, but they’ve also created a web of challenges that traditional methods can’t handle.

If you’re still relying on spreadsheets and manual processes, you’re likely leaving significant revenue on the table and needlessly burning through thousands of hours that could be better spent elsewhere. It’s time to move beyond the limitations of the past and embrace a smarter, more efficient way to manage your DOOH network.

Introducing the Optimisation Engine: Your DOOH GPS

Imagine planning a road trip with just a paper map. You might get to your destination, but it’s a gamble. Did you take the most efficient route? Did you miss out on scenic detours or get stuck in unexpected traffic? That’s how traditional OOH scheduling can feel.

Now, think about how Waze or Google Maps have transformed your journeys. These apps use real-time data to dynamically guide you, avoiding congestion, finding the fastest routes, and even alerting you to potential hazards.

Optimization Engine for your CMS, making real-time scheduling and rescheduling a breeze

An Optimisation Engine is your DOOH equivalent of Waze. It’s intelligent software that powers up your Content Management System (CMS) to make real-time scheduling and rescheduling a breeze. By integrating data from various sources—like audience demographics, inventory levels, and campaign goals—it constantly evaluates the best way to schedule your campaigns, ensuring they respect your desired frequency and loop patterns. It then dynamically adjusts in real-time, right up to the moment of play, ensuring every ad slot is filled with the most relevant and profitable content.

The Benefits of Optimisation: A Smoother, More Profitable Journey

The benefits of an Optimisation Engine go far beyond efficiency:

  • Maximise Revenue: By dynamically adjusting schedules and accepting last-minute bookings, you can fill more ad space and increase your overall revenue.
  • Optimise Yield: Ensure every screen delivers maximum value by targeting the right audience at the right time.
  • Enhance Advertiser Satisfaction: Deliver guaranteed impressions and tailor campaigns to specific audience segments, resulting in happier clients and stronger partnerships.
  • Reduce Risk: Minimise unsold inventory and avoid scheduling conflicts with automated optimisation.
  • Gain Deeper Insights: Harness data to understand audience behaviour, refine pricing strategies, and make informed decisions about your network.

Real-World Success: Global's Transformation

Global, a leading media and entertainment group, partnered with LDSK to revolutionise their OOH sales. By implementing LDSK’s platform, Global streamlined their operations, mixing audience-driven planning with optimised loop patterns to maximise the impact of their campaigns. This new approach was further enhanced by integrating with their Salesforce CRM, unlocking new revenue streams through programmatic capabilities. The result? Increased revenue, more precise audience targeting, and streamlined operations across their diverse network of screens.

LDSK Core: Your OOH Optimization Powerhouse

LDSK Core is the power-up button for your CMS; its comprehensive platform is designed to optimise your entire OOH network. At its heart is our powerful Optimisation Engine, which harnesses data from a wide range of sources to transform your digital billboards and screens into intelligent, revenue-generating assets.

Our engine goes beyond basic scheduling, using real-time and predictive data to make smart decisions about content placement and timing. It integrates with your existing data sources, including audience measurement tools, traffic patterns, and other relevant contextual factors. This allows it to anticipate fluctuations in viewership, continuously refine campaign schedules, and ensure that every impression is delivered to the most relevant audience at the most impactful moment.

Here’s how LDSK Core’s Optimisation Engine works its magic:

  • Data Integration: Seamlessly connects with your existing data sources, including audience measurement tools, traffic data, and other relevant contextual factors.
  • Predictive Analytics: Uses historical and real-time data to forecast audience trends and optimise campaign schedules accordingly.
  • Dynamic Scheduling: Continuously refine content placement and timing based on real-time conditions, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.
  • Audience Targeting: Delivers targeted campaigns to specific audience segments, based on demographics, interests, and behaviours.
  • Programmatic Integration: Enables smart programmatic selling, opening up new revenue streams and expanding your reach, without costing you airtime.
  • Campaign Performance Tracking: Provides detailed insights into campaign performance, allowing you to measure ROI and refine your strategies.

LDSK Core doesn’t just automate scheduling; it elevates your entire OOH network, transforming it into a data-driven powerhouse that delivers unmatched results for both you and your advertisers.

The Future of OOH is Here

Don’t let your OOH network get stuck in traffic. With an Optimisation Engine like LDSK Core, you can navigate your way to greater efficiency, revenue, and advertiser satisfaction. Contact LDSK today to learn how we can help you take your DOOH network to the next level.