Optimizing Out-of-Home

Kerching! Optimization in OOH is about revenue generation

Optimization is about real-time scheduling and dynamic rescheduling of every type of OOH booking to ensure maximum revenue, yield and use of space on every screen a media owner has to sell. At its core, Optimization is about revenue generation.

What is an SSP and a DSP in OOH?

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As automated and programmatic OOH matures, we’re seeing the emergence of a fully-fledged real-time system that runs alongside a pre-bought marketplace. These developments are, in part, thanks to the tools and expertise needed to make it all happen. On the sell side, this technology is called a Supply Side Platform or SSP. On the buy side, simply, a Demand Side Platform or DSP.

Clear Channel UK partners with LDSK on digital Out of Home trading automation

Clear Channel UK has announced its partnership with media owner technology partner, LDSK, to deliver friction-free, OpenDirect compliant, automated trading with their current and potential future partners. Powered by LDSK’s Trading Bridge software, Clear Channel and LDSK will establish a live, automated connection between Clear Channel’s Adshel Live estate and the automated platforms of major buying […]

5 tried, tested and almost free strategies for marketing an online store for OOH

Amplifying your direct sales team with ecommerce for OOH comes with a host of benefits and is a great way to drive extra revenue for your Out-of-Home business. By making your inventory available to buy online you’ll capture long tail advertisers efficiently, and allow them to purchase from anywhere, at any time and in any […]

Posterscope collaborates with Signkick to fast-track media owners’ OpenDirect connections with ECOS NOW

OOH location-based marketing specialist Posterscope and Signkick (now LDSK), the technology partner for media owners, have announced a collaboration that will enable Signkick’s media owner customers to fast-track their connection with Posterscope’s proprietary automated trading platforms. The two companies have prebuilt a direct, live and OpenDirect compliant connection between Signkick’s Trading Bridge software and Posterscope’s […]

What is OpenDirect?

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Understand the IAB and Outsmart’s release of OpenDirect 1.5.1 and what it means for Out of Home media owners.

The benefits of selling OOH online

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Running an online storefront for your OOH inventory, in parallel to your sales team brings with it a whole host of benefits. When you choose an off-the-shelf, pre-built product like Console, those benefits can be realised very quickly.