AdTECH Europe 2023: A Comprehensive Review

AdTECH Europe 2023 OOH event and conference, with Chairman Andy Hamblin on stage

On the 7th of December, in the picturesque city of Amsterdam industry experts, thought leaders and tech enthusiasts gathered for the fifth AdTECH Europe event, exchanging ideas and insights that are shaping the future of advertising technology. Opening the event, AdTECH Europe chairman Andy Hamblin, CRO at LDSK, gave attendees an overview of what 2023 brought us and asked what we can expect from 2024.

AdTECH 2023 Europe OOH speakers, Tim Harvey, Clémence Chemel and Marvin Vacquier Droop speaking on stage at B Amsterdam

A morning of thought-provoking speakers

At the heart of AdTECH Europe are the thought-provoking speakers. Kicking off the dynamic line-up of speakers was Clémence Chemel from Displayce with a discussion on programmatic buying and debunking programmatic DOOH challenges for the year ahead. 

Following this, AdTECH Europe was treated to an appearance from Santa Claus, giving some interesting insights into OOH standards. Some may say it was Tim Harvey, Founder of Knitting Media, in costume but at this time we can neither confirm nor deny…

Marvin Vacquier Droop, Business Lead Software & Integrations at First Impression audiovisual, session gave attendees valuable insights into the importance of creating a seamless customer experience in retail media and the incredible work happening at First Impressions with one of their clients Jumbo.

Attendees at AdTECH Europe OOH conference networking and talking

Networking: Establishing Connections with Key Industry Figures

Networking functioned as the catalyst for meaningful connections and fostering collaborations. AdTECH Europe provided a platform for professionals and leaders from influential companies to forge meaningful connections. The diversity of attendees, ranging from OOH publishers to retail owners, created an ecosystem where ideas flowed freely, and partnerships were forged.

Nigel Clarkson and Arno Buskop giving a fireside chat at AdTECH Europe 2023 OOH event

An afternoon of insightful discussions

The real magic of AdTECH Europe unfolded in the intimate dialogues that took place during panel discussions and fireside chats. Marvin Vacquier Droop and Keni Bernardin, CEO at LDSK, opened the afternoon session in a candid conversation about the difference between reporting and third-party verification and why brands need it, opening the floor up for questions and open dialogue. 

Later, Nicola Fox, Head of Programmatic at Talon, gave a standout presentation, taking AdTECH through the Principles for Effective OOH in the Digital Age, with some fantastic insights from the creative and planning work done at Talon. 

AdTECH’s fire chat, led by Nigel Clarkson, Global Chief Revenue Officer at TapTap Digital, and Arno Buskop, Global Data and Technology Director at Kinetic, opened a discussion with diverse perspectives, bringing forth an understanding of the omni-channel challenges faced by the industry and the collaborative efforts required to overcome them.

Finishing off a day of incredible speakers was John Molendijk, Co-Founder at Streaem, taking AdTECH Europe through How To Create A Retail Media Network From Scratch, drawing on Streaem’s experiences working with SPAR.

Each keynote speaker addressed the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Attendees were inspired to reimagine the possibilities within digital out-of-home technology.


Final Takeaways

AdTECH Europe was not just a speaker event; it was an incubator of knowledge and a forum for discussion. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in an open dialogue with industry experts, gain new perspectives and leave with actionable insights. All of this wouldn’t be possible without AdTECH OOH’s fantastic speakers and sponsors, Quividi, Screenfeed, LDSK, Seedooh, DPAA, DailyDOOH, KnittingMedia, and Broadsign.