ACMS and LDSK deliver ethnically diverse audiences to Global’s DAX

Bag of chicken

Using the LDSK platform, ACMS’s network of digital screens in Chicken Shops across the country are now available to programmatic buyers via Global’s DAX.

Innovative Digital Out-of-Home media owner, All City Media Solutions, together with its technology partner, LiveDOOH Signkick, have announced a complete network rollout to include pioneering digital advertising exchange, DAX by Global, bringing ethnically diverse audiences to programmatic buyers and advertisers.

The announcement comes following successful testing between LDSK and DAX across two of ACMS’s Chicken Shop sites. With the rollout in its final stages of completion, from next month, DAX’s DSP partners will have access to untapped Out-of-Home audiences that are uniquely aligned with their buyer demand.

“Our Chicken Shops serve up a notoriously elusive market in OOH. One that is 70% ethnically diverse and young. It’s a really targeted audience that suits advertisers like streetwear brands, TV, tech and music labels. So we’ve always known there’d be a natural fit with programmatic buyers who want to be efficient and targeted and understand OOH’s reach and impact.” Anitha llangovan, Co-Founder, ACMS

ACMS uses the LDSK content management system and advanced optimisation engine to dynamically allocate space to DAX to be purchased programmatically. This is seamlessly mixed alongside programmatic, automated and traditional loop-based bookings from other channels.

“We really like how the LDSK system gives us complete flexibility and control to work with any customer, big or small. It can be adapted to suit the commercial deal between buyer and seller and is buyer agnostic. This means we can work with Global alongside any other buyer or exchange in a way that works for everyone. It’s easy for our sales team to use too, which in my eyes, makes it an all-round win” Stephen Waller Co-Founder, ACMS.

“The successful integration of DAX into the LDSK platform highlights our agnostic approach to helping media owners bring every type of revenue into their daily campaign mix. Our Optimisation Engine enables multiple SSPs to work within one system. This means that a media owner can balance working with Hivestack, DAX, Place Exchange, etc., with their other campaign types without massive opportunity costs. We couldn’t wait to push this out to every one of ACMS’s screens. This will undoubtedly fuel their ambitious growth plans.” Keni Bernardin, Chief Executive Officer, LDSK

The DAX integration is part of a wider digital transformation project for ACMS aimed at capitalising on the advancements available in Out-of-Home right now. This includes investing in new hardware to support the full yield, revenue and campaign optimisation capabilities of their LDSK platform.

For more information about integrating demand from Global’s DAX, or other Exchanges, into your OOH business, get in touch.