About LDSK

LDSK offers the number one media owner platform in the world

Whether they are part of the commercial world or have their heads buried in code, our team share a vision for a more open, automated and connected era of DOOH advertising.

We’re a team of 40+ curious minds dotted right across the world. From UK to Germany to New Zealand, we spend our days – and occasionally our evenings – powering smart media owners.

What We Do

In short our software offers a complete end-to-end
solution for all your customer needs or the flexibility to pick and choose the solutions your OOH business needs now.

Who We're Part Of

Our customers and allies go across the globe. We integrate with tech companies, demand side partners and are members of Outsmart, DPAA, IAB, OAAA, WOOHO  – are you acronym’d out? Us too…

We Live in Global Hubs

Software know no boundaries and neither does our service. That’s why you’ll find us in what we call ‘hubs’ meaning whatever market you operate in, chances are we’ve got someone nearby, but you’ll get the whole of LDSK on your team too.

Trusted by our media owner customers across the globe

Tell us what you need and we’ll get it done together