Built to support your evolving sales strategies, from loops to programmatic, and everything in between

We help media owners and retailers connect with automated and programmatic buyers, optimise every campaign, control your content from booking to screen or sell it online. Whatever you’re trying to do, we’ll give you the best tools to get the job done.

Explore what you can do with the LDSK platform

We’re in this game to make life better for media owners. To make what’s currently complex fast,
manageable and reliable at scale. Better yet, our platform lets you focus on the things you need now and ‘turn on’ more advanced features as your strategies evolve.

Programmatic, automated and manual trading

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to generate more revenue. Fully maximise your returns by tapping into every source of D/OOH demand – from manual to programmatic and everything in between.

Popular features
– Manage manual bookings
– Programmatic trading via OpenRTB
– Pre-built OpenDirect connections to
major OOH specialist platforms
– Consolidate SSP, DSP and Exchange partnerships with OOH’s only agnostic platform

Programmatic automated and manual trading diagram

Smart automated scheduling

Say goodbye to hours of manual scheduling with a fully flexible, dynamic Content Management System (CMS) that grows with you. Supercharge your team with the tools to work faster now while ensuring the future of complex campaigns work as well for you as they do for advertisers.

Popular features
– Mix loop-based campaigns with flexible audience, time or data-driven campaigns with ease
– Smart automated scheduling based on the campaign goals your advertisers want
– Serve ads to any player type from one easy-to-manage place

Optimization is about revenue generation

Power up your CMS with data, add your rules and let machine learning decide, in real-time, where to run each individual ad on each individual screen, for optimized yield, revenue and effectiveness. 

Popular features
– Optimize against any data source while prioritising the data most important to you
– In-built intelligence calculates pricing based on CPM, seasonality and any other factors you choose
– Automated campaign distribution in real-time for
optimized yield, revenue and use of space

Console Ecommerce for OOH

Sell campaigns online while your sales team sleeps

Make every booking worth your while with a hands-off online
store that lets direct advertisers book local campaigns in any
timezone, language or currency they choose.

Popular functionality
– 100% self-serve from price and availability to booking and
artwork upload
– Full ecommerce capabilities from immediate payment to
accounts integration
– Branded to look and feel like you
– Integrates seamlessly with your sales teams’ tools
– Fast set-up and full support

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